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Liss designs jewelry primarily from bass and guitar strings, that are upcycled after the musicians are done with them. We met awhile ago through music, and we have been supporting each other’s crafts since.

She’s been working with bands such as Sabaton, Stratovarius, Cain’s Offering, Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Twilight Force, Arion, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, and others. Each work is made by hand and customized to the customer’s wishes. 

Corda by Liss


The aim of this project was to create a flowy and friendly approach while keeping some sort of boldness. The crow was chosen, not only because Liss has a crow tattoo which is often seen across the brand’s social media, but as well as for its symbolism. The meaning we are speaking of has it associated with Life’s magic and mystery of creation, which is interesting since in some cultures the crow is viewed as a dark omen. In our case, we meant to connect the effect of music on people’s lives (the life’s magic) and all the creation involved to create each music piece, instrument, and as well the handcrafted jewelry.



Original sketch - Logo Design Corda by Liss
Original sketch - Logo Design Corda by Liss

I originally wrote “cordas”, which means, multiple strings in Portuguese, but the company’s name is Corda by Liss. 

I like sometimes to start by hand, and then jump to digital. In Liss’ case, I did so I quickly sketched the brand’s general logo idea by hand, and then jumped to refine the word mark also by hand. Then, the crow was illustrated in Procreate app and vectorized on Illustrator as the rest of the elements were.

The Final Logos and Variations

The final logos were designed for mostly digital usage, but future apparel usage will be applied.

Amanda Moreira Mini Wedding Photography
AM Folheado Logo Vertical Small
AM Folheado Logo Vertical Small
Amanda Moreira Branding Pattern


Corda by Liss logo design
Corda By Liss Logo Design


Elise Smit

Really professional work! Julia didn’t just make my logo. She helped me work out what I want for my company, how I want to be seen, and how to translate that into an image. She truly invests in getting the very best results. I couldn’t be happier with her work, and all the advice and support she’s given me.

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Brazilian, living in Finland since 2012. Passion for branding, lettering, photography, music, bodybuilding, and horses.
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