Naming your brand

Naming your brand

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Even before we are actually born, our parents get worried with naming us. Quarrels between the parents, family members, list of girl names, boy names.

Doesn’t it feel the same when naming your business?

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter in the beginning what you will call your brand.

Maybe you already know. Maybe you don’t. Either way, there is nothing to worry about.

In case you do know: research

I say research a lot. It’s a humble action that can surprise you when you least expect. Researching the name of your brand will tell you whether a similar one exists. It sounds basic, but oh boy, how many times I have seen clients get stuck here.

What does your brand’s name mean? And also, what does it mean in other languages? Specially if your intention is to go international, you need to know what it means.

There is a funny case in Rio. I live in Finland, and there, the name “Panna” means something quite… Improper. Guess what? There is a jewelry shop called just that in here the Brazilian city. To me it’s funny because of my geographical locations, but to most Brazilians it’s just another name. If they ever intended to move to Finland, they will have a hard time!

Your research should also include internet handles and website addresses. Because there is nothing worse than finding out you can’t keep consistency within your brand. After all, people will need to find you easily.

In case you don’t: don’t stress about it

What it means, most likely, is that you don’t have enough clarity of what you are doing just yet, so stressing about a name of a thing that’s is not a thing yet is pointless and a big waste of time.

Focus on getting clarity. Search from inspiration from every source, and be curious.


There are many stories of why and how Steve Jobs found the name “Apple” to his company. But the one I like the most is that he simply was in a specific type of diet that had delicious apples in it. Sometimes a name has nothing to do with the thing itself.

Just because you don’t have a name yet, doesn’t mean you can’t brand it

You need to start somewhere, and that somewhere needs to be with your brand ideals, your strategy. You need to focus on making contacts. Your name will come along. Then, you can deploy marketing.

Be practical about it: stop getting stuck with details

Nothing will happen if you don’t start doing. If you get stuck with naming your brand, you will never actually build it.

Sounds simple, but you need to have the peace of mind to assess what you will achieve, the next steps you need to take to make it happen.

A real example

One my great friends and client, Anderson “Divino” Dexheimer (@andersonrosadivino), decided to step up his personal training service. Things started happening and we discussed his business and brand.

He was stuck with how to call “himself”, because everyone knows him by the  nickname “Divino” by now.

I told him to think and kept on listening to him.

Suddenly we started talking about Life and Style, and how both make sense in his brand since he will start modeling again for brands like Underarmour.

And then we started searching for web addresses and found a and a And so it basically named itself.

Sometimes your brand will name itself, or life will for you. Let it happen.

Quick wins

  • Stressing out about a name when you don’t have enough clarity is fruitless and a waste of time;
  • If you do know, research it to make sure your name is available across all the platforms you have strategized for;

  • When researching the name of your brand, validate it in all languages to make sure when you expand you won’t find casualties with that;

  • Don’t get attached to details: be practical;

  • Sometimes, your brand will name itself or life will for you.
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