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Free Mini Course: Growing an Audience

Everybody starts small. Growing an audience – or even the thought of having one seems like an elephant in the room. Yet so many businesses rely on having an audience.

Here are some common scenarios:

  1. No followers = no engagement;
  2. A few followers and decent engagement;
  3. An immense following = pitiful engagement, close to none.

What do you need to have is real people who engage with your brand, who advocate and who care.

We have all faced the fear of putting ourselves out there. We ask ourselves questions that pose obstacles that do not exist. 

“What are they going to think of me?” “There is a bunch of people doing the same.” “I don’t think I am good enough.” “No one sees what I am doing.”

And then there are two groups of people: those that do something about it and those that give up.

If you like numbers, you can download apps that will automate engagement and following for you while you sleep. So magical. But magic (unfortunately) doesn’t exist. Those numbers are empty. Keep in mind that “bought” followers are not real advocates of your brand. This is more a trick to get your money than anything else. In the end, the numbers aka real people are not the people you really want engaging your brand and your work. It’s better to have a few people following you who engage than 100k who don’t.

Having an audience gives you the following advantages:

  • it sets you as an expert in your industry;
  • lauching a product is infinitely easier;
  • you can build a community around your work;

Instagram’s average engagement ratio is of 4,5%. This is more than Facebook and Twitter: 0.1%.

Half of Instagram’s comments are made on the first 6 hours after a post.

But Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just the platforms where your people are at, and that’s online. The work has to be done by you in order to get noticed.

Start with the audience you have

“But I have none!”

I am sure you have friends and a family! People in your community, people in your neighborhood. People. Heck, just look around! (Secret: you have the whole internet as well to benefit from).

Maybe you just need to start.

Listen and watch. Who is already commenting in, sharing, buying from you? You have to leverage these people. Personally call them out, give them attention. It’s not all about you.

Your message is equally important

A lot of people have beautiful works and a very shallow message to pass. Your message and your image is what resonates with people.

Finding your voice

That is one thing I cannot do for you. It takes guts, self confidence and a hell lot of practice. And by no means you have to stick with one single tone through out time because you will learn, change, grow. Use what you know now.

Share your mistakes

Because you are a human and not a robot, that’s why. Every successful guy out there has made a lot of mistakes. Look at Steve Jobs!

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