Craft a compelling story and image for your brand.

Craft a story to bring people in

Craft a story so that your brand is understood and heard.

Seek to be relatable.

 The modern world requires modern practices. What are the tools to tell a story? How do you do it? Why do it?

The tools are in your pockets. You most likely own a smartphone. You probably are reading this using your smartphone. If you aren’t, you either have it very close to you or you are living under a rock.

People only buy from whom they relate to, which we will talk about later on. How do you connect with people? You go where they are. People spend a lot of time in social media, so that’s why Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have become home for business as well.

But it goes beyond the digital world. Some people will be in conferences, some others at a coffee house. It all depends on who your people are.

You do it by doing it consistently

Really, there is no better way.

You can tell your story through videos, photos, Snapchat/Instagram lives, events, articles, podcasts… Be creative. And just get out there. Speak your brand’s voice and let people know who you are.

You do it to get people’s attention

Have you noticed how fast you try to click on ads on YouTube to skip it, or how you zap through channels on TV when it’s a commercial?

That’s the lack of attention.

You need the opposite.

You need to provide solid value, not noise. The internet is a big enough place to have your narrative in it. However, people will only pay attention if it benefits them.

Seek to be relatable

People buy from those who they know, like and trust (kudos for Sean McCabe for this great quote!).

People can only know you — or your brand, that is — if they have heard of you and if you have managed to close the gap between these three steps.

The next thing…

Is to actually tell the story you are supposed to so that you can connect. Luckily, you live in a modern world where — and when — all of the tools are at your fingertips (you kinda just need to allocate your time to it).


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