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Find your audience.

Communicate with the people that will grow your brand.

Turn regular clients into ambassadors.

You have to embrace the fact that an idea is not a business until you take action. And a business is not successful until it is accepted in the market. But who are you marketing to? 

The biggest lie you will ever tell yourself is that you are marketing to everyone. You will fail your business if that’s your pitch. It is easy to tell your friends your idea is a million dollar idea. I bet you it actually isn’t.

 We need to belong. Seth Godin, in his book “Tribes” said:

“Leaders have followers. Managers have employees. Managers make widgets. Leaders make change.”

Leading a market place requires action and patience. This is not your “I want to be a millionaire” TV program, this is real life mindset changes that need to be done.

To be successful in the market you need to deeply understand your audience:

  • turn to the next 10 people and ask their opinion;
  • validate, validate and validate;
  • reach out to the actual clients and ask them key questions;
  • strategize;
  • scale the unscalable;
  • map out the ideal client;
  • value, value, value, sales;

Ask your 10 friends if they would be interested in your product or service

Maybe your idea is not that great. Maybe it actually is. But you can only be certain by asking real people and not just listening to your hysteria in your brain about your great idea. This an exercise for your ego: don’t take things personally otherwise you won’t thrive.

Validate, validate, validate

Asking your friends is a part of the validation process, but there is more to it. You need to make an extensive research on the market to know whether it will be profitable, if the competition has faults, who are the kind of people that are interested and more.

Validation is important to finding your unique angle in the market. Define the struggle and sell the reversed engineered solution.

Reach out to real people

Whether you have a product or a service business, you sell to people. If you do this for yourself, quit. Ask real people what they need, what needs to get better, what they would like to have improved and so on.


Strategies do not have to be boring or hard. You just need to rewire your brain to see difficulties as opportunities and go beyond that… Whether you need to re-strategize your business as a whole or just your Instagram account. It doesn’t matter at what facet of your business you are looking at, you need to create a direction to build up momentum in order to grow.

Scale the unscalable

Do the things that no one days, like replying to people in social media one-by-one by yourself, or seeking people out personally. Sounds crazy simple, right? Put in the minimal work.

Map out the ideal client

You won’t be able to sell to everyone, and as Gary Vee says, some people are not sellable to. Your sales will depend on finding the right type of clients, what their interests are and what kind of solution and value you can bring them.

Value, value, value, sales

Let’s be honest, it’s not the 60s anymore where it’s 100% ok to go on knocking on people’s door deliberately persuading them to buy “your thing”. What most companies get wrong is exactly this: asking too much —or taking, even— without giving anything before hand.

Create valuable content, be top of mind, and earn the right to ask for a sale.

The next thing…

Is to learn how to craft the image of your brand. There is nothing more discouraging and sketchy looking than a poorly branded website or product. Don’t look second hand.