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I'm Julia, and I design brands

with a pinch of hand lettering.

Be known, liked and trusted.

People buy from people, therefore, it’s vital to build awareness.

Find out how to be known, liked, and trusted.

 Understand how people’s mind work, why they buy what they buy.

Brands don’t sell, they are bought.

People buy because they have a need or a want. They might want to get the latest phone, get their wedding photographed, get lean or have a painting on the wall.

Getting known

This where the internet plays a beautiful role.

Getting known by a small percentage of people in a short amount of time is relatively easy (you still have to put in solid work though).

Having people like you

Like I said before, you need people to like you. How do you make people like you? By not being an asshole, first of all. By being humble, genuine honest and all that fluffy stuff. 

But most of all, be valuable.

Give, give, give, give, give. And don’t ask anything back until you absolutely must to.

See your clients as they want to be seen: bring out the best version of them. This will turn your brand into a valuable asset.

Having people trust you

Social proof plays a huge part of this. Robert Cialdini in his book “Persuasion” says:

“Convince and ye shall be convinced!”

In the context of human social behavior, that means: “have the people that have bought from you tell prospects about you in your place”. Testimonials, reviews and anything else that gives you credibility.

Writing plays a huge whole in credibility, as well as does videos and podcasts — that’s why the story telling thing is so important. Telling what you know provides the image of professionalism.

The next thing…

Time to help your brand grow, whether you already have one or you need help to start. On the next page, you will find all the details to make it happen for you.