The Branding Girl’s Branding Handbook

The best part of creating a product or service is to have your own thing out there. You have to align your purpose with the market’s needs. But it’s not as easy or exciting as it sounds. Being realistic about it, you have to do a little bit of research in order to make sure you will stand out.

“How do I get started?” You might ask yourself.

Don’t waste time with practices that will not convert into results: you need practicality. Imagine if you travelled without a destination? It’s exciting, right? Do you have the capital? Even if you had, you’d probably still be conservative about it. You would eventually get somewhere worth it, but isn’t it just smarter to directly choose your destination? Since you have to spend time and money anyway, you might as well do it right. We have all been there, I have been there. “This great idea that have” .

Thinking about yourself in first place will not work. The best way to start a brand is by identifying a problem or a need in a specific market, create a solution and deliver it to the target audience.

Here’s what people do that create a false sense of accomplishment – but doesn’t really do for creating an image per se:

  • buy website domains,
  • create social media websites,
  • think of a name,
  • think about a logo,

Here’s what you should be doing:

  • figuring out if your product or service is indeed different,
  • figuring out how you want to be perceived in the market,
  • think about impact,
  • creating a mission, vision and a story to captivate an audience and
  • find your target market.

This branding book will help you identify a problem or a need, validate it and get you start. And there is a bonus.

I want to help you, right? So that’s why I created the handbook. But because I care and I genuinely want you to help people, I will also give you a 2hr free consultation upon your findings. So, as long as you go through the handbook, send me the results, you will get my personal help. Deal?


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