The 3 things your brand needs now

The 3 things your brand needs now

There is an infinity of guides and blogs on the internet for you to learn about Branding. They will ALL talk about the same things. However, there are aspects that have been overlooked which could really help some to define their brand.

It all starts with an idea and seeking the ideal consumer. But when it comes to communicating with the consumer, some businesses fail. There are many reasons to that, but mostly is about not really defining the business well in first place.

There are actionable steps to help to start defining your brand.

how to master inspiration

How to master inspiration

500 tabs opened in the browser. That’s how browsing the internet looks like for some while in search for inspiration. The problem is, inspiration is a state of mind and a practice.

“I just put the music on and start drawing!”

Never mind that.

Inspiration comes from having ambitions. Which is contrary to what most people think of. According to the Harvard Business Website, inspired people share certain characteristics, such as being more open minded to new experiences and having conscious goals. Having a positive mindset does not equal being more inspired, however inspired individuals do have lower negativity. That’s because inspiration involves having involvement with the task at hand with high levels of positivity. When one has goals, he or she is more likely to act and procure ways to make it happen, often resorting to creativity to find new ways and unexpected solutions–hence the open-mindedness. According to studies, the relationship between goal setting and inspiration was reciprocal: goal progress also anticipated inspiration for future goal setting.

People who are in an inspired mindset have a more positive look towards life, and are more grateful.

First of all, inspiration cannot be evoked. That’s why the recurring habit of putting music on and collecting artwork doesn’t work as inspiration–it’s just a ritual to start working and referencing as to bias the brain to reach a certain conclusion, respectively.

logo design with design thinking

Designing a logo with Design Thinking

A notable part of a brand is their logo. The symbol that represents the brand will be printed and displayed digitally diverse sizes, and alongside colors, shapes, images and typography, will help customers identify that particular business.

The logo is part of a system called visual identity, which is part of a larger system, the business’ branding system.

The logo design process is different for each designer. I, for one, do the typography displayed alongside the symbol by hand, and that is called handlettering.

The rich mindset propels you forward

The rich mindset propels you forward

Being human is a funny thing and a confusing experience. How can I exist in this world, and what makes me meaningful? Deep questions I cannot really answer for anyone else. We all face such questioning at one point or another, I am sure, and the agony of not knowing the answer makes my head explode. I cannot control what happens externally. I got only the power to control what’s inside my head. Everyone’s mind has a pattern, many of us pay attention to how our own head speaks to us, some of us don’t and are consumed by it. Being able to determine the pattern of our mind, and help it solve its own problems is an iteration process. It requires a ton of will power and discipline. When it comes to health, happiness, relationships, and wealth, how is your approach of each individually and in conjunction?

What are the real, actionable shortcuts for success?

What are the real, actionable shortcuts for success?

If you were born in the 90s, there is a high chance you’ve played Mario Kart. Oh, I loved that game as a kid. The excitement of going through the little boxes to see what the next power up would be, and then finding shortcuts to jump in front of my opponents. Shortcuts and power ups feel good, right?

Nobody really taught me how to take a camera and take a great shot. It has always been self initiated little personal projects sparked by curiosity, repetitions and persistence. There is no real shortcut to perfecting a skill, only reps. Success, therefore, is part of the journey.

It's not about success, it's about the journey

It’s not about success, it’s about the journey

We all try to seek our life’s purpose, but most likely end up frustrated and thus, giving up on our dreams. Seeking passion is not necessarily a way out either. Not everyone will be able to seek their best version of themselves, simply because they are scared of the journey. Success, and fulfillment are just products along the way, the tips of the iceberg of life. The bottom of the iceberg is the journey, what supports the success.

How to master a skill in 4 steps - The Four Stages of Learning

How to master a skill in 4 steps – The Four Stages of Learning

When we work in creative industries, we often find ourselves trying to learn a bunch of new techniques and even new programs, sometimes all at once. More often than not the learning process gets messy. It does get frustrating when we eventually hit a wall. That wall tells us we know we know, but somehow we cannot achieve the results we desire. Our capabilities feel limited. That happens to everyone, and it’s normal. Once we understand the four stages, it makes challenging skills to learn enjoyable since we know what to expect of the process.

However judgmental we might be of our own capabilities, the reality is that we cannot expect professional looking results if we are just starting out on something new. When producing something new, instead of focusing on the bad feelings we get, we should focus on repetition.

That’s right, doing it over and over again.

why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

Why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

Brazil, where I come from, is going through some serious troubles. Macro and microeconomics are crashing. There has always been the social issue. The media is bombarding everyone with chaos. Dadadadadada. Some old, same old.

But how is it that so many people are actually thriving? The media won’t show it of course, chaos writes more news headings than prosperity. But I know some of them of these people personally.

A crisis is a great way to find your way out through innovation. The people the tune off and seek out innovation are the ones who will thrive. There is no other way.

The new marketing and business strategy rule for soloneurs

Document your process.

That’s it.

It’s funny, if you have been in a Design school, you probably have heard from some professors that you should document your process. “No sketches, no max grade”. Even though I’ve always questioned school (or basically everything), here’s a valuable idea that I only got to apply 5 years out of Uni, thanks to a trigger by Gary Vee.

Documenting my process has made me believe more in my service, strategize and understand myself and my business better. It has also uncovered a lot of holes that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

The benefits are endless and in truth, it’s not that hard to go by. It’s always harder to start doing something than to actually do the thing. You can go really superficial with your process documentation, and of course that has less benefits, or you can go truly in depth and cover all aspects. (Spoiler: do both).