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Designing brands
from top to bottom.

I love Design (ah, handlettering!) Business, Music, Photography, Horses and Fitness.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, but I’ve lived in Finland since 2012.

Some fun facts about me: 

  • I did my first logo when I was 13.
  • That’s also when I got interested in coding websites.
  • I’ve worked as a horse photographer.
  • I love going to gym.
  • I am part of two family businesses.
  • I have a female Schnauzer back in Brazil.
  • I have always been attracted to Finland, but don’t really know why.
  • I’m short as hell.

As you’ve guessed, I do Branding. My motto is “The Branding of Business & The Business of Design”. That’s right, a fusion of Business and Branding with Design. It’s a fun and useful mixture for the businesses I work with. Not only I design logos, I also help people find their way around their own businesses.

I value transparency and honesty to get the most out of Business and to overcome hardships—because no matter how you prepare, they show up. I also value taking ownership and hardworking people.

Maybe it’s an employee that’s causing headache or a change in the market. Or maybe you just need to reconfigure your brand or adjust your brand’s voice a little bit. Maybe, you are starting out your own business and you need some advice and a visual identity. That’s exactly where I can help you.

My mission is to craft delightful brand experiences for people with a creative mind and willingness to win. If you are willing to work hard, put in the hours and deliver value to your market, you are a perfect fit.

By uniting Design and Business, I give you a whole new ground for exploring and innovating your business. There’s uniqueness on the process of creating a brand when you love both Design and Business. There is a much deeper understanding of how systems work.

I absolute love to stretch people’s mind: motivation comes from doing, but sometimes you need someone to tell you that you are not crazy when you want to rule your own life and make an awesome, new thing. As long as there is discipline, the world can be a place where people will be able to take hold of their lives by doing what they love to people that really care about it. You are just very special. 😉

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