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Should you change your brand’s voice?

Imagine two people who were really good friends once. One gets a job promotion is moves to the other side of the country, where they have a totally different accent. That friend who moved, let’s call him Barnes, didn’t have that much time to visit his old home town that much — but he did adapt quickly.

The friend who stayed, let’s call him Nobles (original, I know) lived his life normally, occasionally being in touch with Barnes through less in-person means of communication, such as emails and text messages and very few occasional voice or regular calls.

When Barnes and Nobles reunited, however, the shock that the latter had on the speech changes of the first were huge. They could barely understand each other — even though they were still friends.

What was missing from their experience? Better communication and understanding of each other.

When you change your brand’s voice, don’t do like Barnes did. Occasionally tipping your audience that you are changing a your brand’s voice will do more harm than good.

Imagine if Apple suddenly inject too much humor on their Commercials. How would their audience respond?

Visual Identity basic elements - Typography

Visual Identity Basic Elements – Typography

Creating a visual identity is creating a system. In this system, you have colors, images (illustrations, logo, icons etc) and type that combined create a consistency. This system however, is simply one of the gears in the clock.

To create a brand is to understand that there is more than just the visual identity, and thus it’s of your own interest to think of each gear separately.

However, on of the gears within the visual identity is the typography. Typography is the collection — or better, system — of fonts that communicate the personality that is intended within the brand.

Visual Identity basic elements - Color Theory

Visual Identity Basic Elements – Color Theory part 3

The ultimate Guide to Color

Color theory part 3

Part 1Part 2

From part 2:

Colors affect how your brand is perceived Colors affect our consciousness and subcousciousness. Therefore, some colors will make you feel happier, sadder and even hungry when in exposure to them, but it might have a different association with another individual. The catch is to understand that every color has an association, a positive and a negative side to it and pick what fits your brand the best. In the end, it’s all about giving context.”

Visual identity basic elements color theory

Visual Identity Basic Elements – Color Theory part 2

The ultimate Guide to Color

Color theory part 2

Part 1

When the sky is blue, everybody’s moods are increased. What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and the sky’s color is a promise of a happy day. Now, when you are hungry, your favorite coffee house is just around the corner, and the browns and oranges feel comely and suddenly you are feeling hungrier.

Visual identity basic elements color theory

Visual Identity Basic Elements – Color Theory part 1

The ultimate Guide to Color

Color theory part 1

Colors are produced in through two methods: additive and subtractive. In an easy way, additive colors are produced by bodies that emit light, such as the sun, screens, light bulbs, etc. Subtractive colors are reflected color beams, such as paper prints, clothes and pretty much everything (that is not emitting light, of course).

In the digital world, we use additive colors. They are composed of three pigments that, when combined, produce millions of tones. Those tones are converted to subtractive once we print them out or use paint. To produce a cohesive visual identity, you need to understand colors and the harmonies that produce visually appealing palettes.

Brand Personality

Visual Identity Basic Elements: Personality

A brand is a living thing and therefore it also has a personality. Much like you, but it does not mean that it will be the same as yours. Even if you have a personal brand, it is of extreme importance to think about it as a its own being — considering as well when and how to use humor on your favor. In certain occasions and for certain brands, humor is appreciated and necessary. But how do you. define “personality”?

Visual Identity basic elements: the logo

A black swash on snickers. A big, round yellow M on a red background. A half bitten apple (ok, that’s an obvious one). Recognizable and unique logos are part of a brand’s effort to make a difference in the market. The logo, however, doesn’t thrive alone in itself: without depth and leadership a company will not go far. A logo is an important element in one’s business, but not the focus.

Visual identity basic elements

Visual identity basic elements

Nothing speaks louder than… An awesome visual identity. Creating a brand requires many levels of action. It’s not so much like a recipe, every brand is a brand.

A visual brand is not about a logo… It’s about emotion. If you enjoy baking a cake (and eating it!), you know the joy of every single step until the magical moment of eating it. And then you repeat. This is how your audience should enjoy your brand.

How to start a creative business

How to start a creative business

The most important question to ask yourself when starting a creative business is: why? The answer to that question is the ultimate fail proof to whether you are bound to lead your industry or compete with everyone else. Your business will be successful if your reason why is to help other people, not yourself make loads of money.

Do you even need a visual identity from the start?

Do you even need a visual identity from the start?

Every start up needs a certain type of validation to begin with. Imagine sailing a boat without knowing the destination? That would certainly result in you sinking the ship and drowning.

But what about a visual identity?

When in it comes to a visual identity, yes, you do need one. And a strong purpose (but then again that’s why you make validation). That doesn’t mean you are stuck with it forever: branding and a visual identity are both living things, that evolve as you go.

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