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The new marketing and business strategy rule for soloneurs

Document your process.

That’s it.

It’s funny, if you have been in a Design school, you probably have heard from some professors that you should document your process. “No sketches, no max grade”. Even though I’ve always questioned school (or basically everything), here’s a valuable idea that I only got to apply 5 years out of Uni, thanks to a trigger by Gary Vee.

Documenting my process has made me believe more in my service, strategize and understand myself and my business better. It has also uncovered a lot of holes that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

The benefits are endless and in truth, it’s not that hard to go by. It’s always harder to start doing something than to actually do the thing. You can go really superficial with your process documentation, and of course that has less benefits, or you can go truly in depth and cover all aspects. (Spoiler: do both).

Visual identity basic elements

Visual identity basic elements

Nothing speaks louder than… An awesome visual identity. Creating a brand requires many levels of action. It’s not so much like a recipe, every brand is a brand.

A visual brand is not about a logo… It’s about emotion. If you enjoy baking a cake (and eating it!), you know the joy of every single step until the magical moment of eating it. And then you repeat. This is how your audience should enjoy your brand.

Target Audience

How do you find your target audience?

A bird will feed itself always from the same berries, insects and grains. Each bird species has its own preferences regarding alimentation, migration areas and so on. Not all birds go to the same places, nor do they eat the same food: this is one of the ways nature has created to find and keep balance on cycles and resources.

In a modern market approach, the idea is the same. If your business was a tree (and I hope it is, because I want to see you grow!), the birds that would eat of your berries would be of a certain kind. Some would maybe get in touch with it and not even make a nest. In other to understand your target market, you need to deeply understand the people you are trying to market to. This is the only way you can communicate effectively with your audience in order to turn them into customers.

The reasons why ads are bad

The reasons why ads are bad for your image

The reasons why ads are bad for your image

I am a big fan of YouTube (ops, exposed) and podcasts. And, man, isn’t there anything more infuriating than ads that disrupt my experience! Same applies to websites and other kind of media. Once you get someone engaged with your content, an ad becomes and annoyance because it decreases the attention and thus the interest of your viewer/listener.

Case Studies

3 ways case studies help bring in potential customers

Case studies are seriously overlooked by most business owners. Small, medium or large businesses should be able to write compelling content to help bridge the gap between the business and the customers. Whilst blog posts are interesting and educational material, case studies have a stronger appeal to the client: it focus on the process and research instead of only the final result.

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