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Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a most discussed Design process that has revolutionized thinking in general. Classes and meetings have been transformed in the University of Stanford by Bernard Roth (read his book for more). He is an Engineering professor at the University and he applies the “circular line of thinking” in various depths of his work. They were the pioneers.

But what is design thinking anyway?

In his own words:

“Design thinking is an amorphous concept that was given its name by David Kelley, another Stanford professor and cofounder of IDEO, when he was trying to explain that successful designers have a different mindset and approach from most people.” – Bernard Roth

That is an excerpt from the book “The Achievement Habit” by Bernard Roth. I recommend you to read it, specially if you are not in the Design field. It provides insightful resources to do more and smartly.

I use and talk about Design Thinking [DT] a lot. It feels natural to me to solve challenges in a not-linear way. Life and problem solving aren’t black and white, but with tools like DT help us get comfortable on going back to basics when trying to solve a problem. It’s a like a muscle: once it gets used to the revolving problem solving process, it becomes second nature.

Design is nothing but a tool to solve problems, whether it’s a product, a service or an experience. A “brand designer” is someone who solves problems within the branding and business systems, that are separated things, but very much connected. It involves many aspects that are not physical: how people react to words, perception, smells, sounds, and pretty much anything related to human senses. It’s a convoluted, complex concept to explain in a few words. Design Thinking consists of the following steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Each step can be revisited at any time of the process. If you want to know Design Thinking in depth, read this book by Ambrose and Harris.


The iPad Pro

The Branding Girl - Ipad Pro

The iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil Combo are great Design assets. They are highly portable, highly efficient and the most important: I don’t need as many papers. I use to have piles of papers for just one project. It has made sketching more environment-friendly and even faster. As well as it allows me to mimic any kind of paint, brush and have all millions of colors without having to rebuy all of physical tools just to “test” something out.

It has also sped my prototyping and my efficiency in Designing, writing and reading and even video editing. I am able to have thousands of books, highlight important parts and make notes so I can reference it later on my blog, for example.

Here is a list of my favorite apps for the iPad Pro.


Lettering is a big part of my work. It’s an unique approach to a brand’s lettermarks. I have a strong background in Arts, therefore lettering is an extension of this passion. It’s not the same as calligraphy, however; letterings is more like drawing words and drawing words for a conceived meaning. You can follow my lettering and my design processes on Instagram more closely.

Live to Explore Animated Lettering by The Branding Girl

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