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why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

Why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

Brazil, where I come from, is going through some serious troubles. Macro and microeconomics are crashing. There has always been the social issue. The media is bombarding everyone with chaos. Dadadadadada. Some old, same old.

But how is it that so many people are actually thriving? The media won’t show it of course, chaos writes more news headings than prosperity. But I know some of them of these people personally.

A crisis is a great way to find your way out through innovation. The people the tune off and seek out innovation are the ones who will thrive. There is no other way.

The best way to eliminate competition

The best way to eliminate competition

“Look for ways to be inclusive rather than competitive—for ways to help the whole team win rather than just one individual. As much as possible, it behooves you to erase the idea of competition in the workplace from your mind.”

Excerpt From: “The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life” by Bernard Roth.

The idea of community within an industry is counterintuitive because it’s new, but highly necessary in today’s world.

I love being around and interacting with other branding designers, logo makers and letterers. I learn from them. Just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean that they can’t follow someone else as well. You don’t like just one type of food, do you? There’s no win or loose. Whether your lead a community or you are part of one, you will only benefit from it.

are you on a life mission?

Are you on a life mission?

Are you on a life mission?

You work 9 to 5. You have created habits around your -dos, but you get home and… You turn the TV/Series stream program/video game console on/ and you spend hours on it. You are not gonna be the next cool thing in the internet (some people care about that), you are not gonna be the next rich guy who will donate thousands to charity, you will not create the next revolutionary product/service/idea/whatever. You are living an average life without a direction.

My two steps for productivity

My two steps for productivity

My two steps for producvity

Let’s start with “What is productivity”. I don’t know about you, but I have this huge list of work and personal goals to complete. And it just keeps growing. From client work and business development to personal projects, personal development and targets. I therefore write a lot in order to organize all of that. And I do a lot too, in consequence.

What to do when working from home gets too much?

What to do when working from home gets too much?

What to do when working from home gets too much?

Humans are wired to habits. The better the habit the harder to form — the worst the habit the harder to forget, such as alcohol or nail eating. We learn habits when there is a positive reward — a feeling of accomplishment or an immediate good sensation. Hearing my alarm go off at 5:00 is like having a hammer hitting my head. It’s a habit hard to form but it is rewarding to be more productive. However late or early you wake, it doesn’t matter, as long as you take enough action to enable resting schedules.

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