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What is branding?

Branding is perception. How other people perceive your image, how other people connect with you and how much they resonate with you.

Design is not a thing, neither is branding. Design is the process of solving problems, and branding is how this problem will actually impact people, all the senses are involved.

Branding is a tool used to make your business recognizable and stand out.

How can it benefit you?

Great branding sells more. It looks good. People need to get to know you, like you and trust you so they can buy from you. Without that your business is burned to the ground without even starting.

Why “The branding of business & the business of Design”?

I believe that you cannot have a business without thinking about your brand, neither think of Design forsaking the business knowledge.

It’s almost like an iteration. If you think of it the other way around, how can you grow your business without having problem solving (Design, Graphic Design, etc) and perception (brand)? They are all connected.

I can’t stand how many businesss out there — even big corporations — sometimes let one stand taller than the other.

How can I build a brand with no or little money?

You have internet because you are reading this. Then you have the world in your hands. 

Recognize an issue. Get a blog somewhere (there are tons of free platforms) and out out content. Document your process on social media and in your own platform. That’s all free. The rest builds by itself.

Who can benefit from branding?

Basically, in today’s markets demand, everyone benefits from branding, really. Wouldn’t you want your brand to have a great perception? I thought so.

My focus, whoever, is with the creative and fitness-y heads. Illustrators, photographers, musicians, personal trainers, motion artists, concept artists, animators, filmmakers… Name your creative field, show me your powers and let’s fuse.

The Branding Girl

I'm The Branding Girl

My mission is to craft delightful brand experiences for people with a creative mind and willingness to win. By uniting Design and Business, I will stretch your mind and your possibilities.

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