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why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

Why you should take a risk when there is a crisis

Brazil, where I come from, is going through some serious troubles. Macro and microeconomics are crashing. There has always been the social issue. The media is bombarding everyone with chaos. Dadadadadada. Some old, same old.

But how is it that so many people are actually thriving? The media won’t show it of course, chaos writes more news headings than prosperity. But I know some of them of these people personally.

A crisis is a great way to find your way out through innovation. The people the tune off and seek out innovation are the ones who will thrive. There is no other way.

The new marketing and business strategy rule for soloneurs

Document your process.

That’s it.

It’s funny, if you have been in a Design school, you probably have heard from some professors that you should document your process. “No sketches, no max grade”. Even though I’ve always questioned school (or basically everything), here’s a valuable idea that I only got to apply 5 years out of Uni, thanks to a trigger by Gary Vee.

Documenting my process has made me believe more in my service, strategize and understand myself and my business better. It has also uncovered a lot of holes that I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

The benefits are endless and in truth, it’s not that hard to go by. It’s always harder to start doing something than to actually do the thing. You can go really superficial with your process documentation, and of course that has less benefits, or you can go truly in depth and cover all aspects. (Spoiler: do both).

How much should you be consuming vs creating?

How much should you be consuming vs creating?

We creative peeps loooove seeking inspiration. Oh, God bless the Pinterest boards, right? I personally create private boards for each branding project or small projects. There’s a lot of value to it, otherwise it wouldn’t have become so popular. But how much is actually too much? When it blocks you.

Should you change your brand’s voice?

Imagine two people who were really good friends once. One gets a job promotion is moves to the other side of the country, where they have a totally different accent. That friend who moved, let’s call him Barnes, didn’t have that much time to visit his old home town that much — but he did adapt quickly.

The friend who stayed, let’s call him Nobles (original, I know) lived his life normally, occasionally being in touch with Barnes through less in-person means of communication, such as emails and text messages and very few occasional voice or regular calls.

When Barnes and Nobles reunited, however, the shock that the latter had on the speech changes of the first were huge. They could barely understand each other — even though they were still friends.

What was missing from their experience? Better communication and understanding of each other.

When you change your brand’s voice, don’t do like Barnes did. Occasionally tipping your audience that you are changing a your brand’s voice will do more harm than good.

Imagine if Apple suddenly inject too much humor on their Commercials. How would their audience respond?

The best way to eliminate competition

The best way to eliminate competition

“Look for ways to be inclusive rather than competitive—for ways to help the whole team win rather than just one individual. As much as possible, it behooves you to erase the idea of competition in the workplace from your mind.”

Excerpt From: “The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life” by Bernard Roth.

The idea of community within an industry is counterintuitive because it’s new, but highly necessary in today’s world.

I love being around and interacting with other branding designers, logo makers and letterers. I learn from them. Just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean that they can’t follow someone else as well. You don’t like just one type of food, do you? There’s no win or loose. Whether your lead a community or you are part of one, you will only benefit from it.

How Procreate App and the iPad Pro changed my workflow

How Procreate App and the iPad Pro changed my workflow

One day I woke up and Photoshop and Illustrator weren’t cooperating. Or maybe it was my computer having its days. It was that day that I said “enough” to depending on just one device. If I really have to depend on technology, I might as well have a backup device, right? You’ve gotta be prepared.

Naming your brand

Naming your brand

Even before we are actually born, our parents get worried with naming us. Quarrels between the parents, family members, list of girl names, boy names.

Doesn’t it feel the same when naming your business?

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter in the beginning what you will call your brand.

Maybe you already know. Maybe you don’t. Either way, there is nothing to worry about.

How to look professional as a creative person

How to look professional as a creative person

You are creative, but not a loonie.

Or maybe a little bit.

However, it’s important to also have the feet on the ground.

For instance, business situations, specially if you are speaking to your clients directly, you need to be assured you are doing the right thing, building your business and growing your brand’s awareness.

Find a mentor

Find a mentor

The benefits of having a mentor

There is more to business and creativity than just doing creative things. We often get pulled sideways by people, life and other external forces. The truth is, you need to change the people around you, take control of your life and use the external forces on your favor, not let them pull you down.

Don’t be proud to ask for help.

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