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Hi! I’m Julia, a 24 years old or

Julia - The Branding GirlThe Branding Girl.

As you’ve guessed, I do Branding. My Motto is “The Branding of Business & The Business of Design”. That’s right, fusion of Business and Branding with Design.

I value transparency and honesty to get the most out of Business and to overcome hardships — because no matter how you prepare, they show up. I also value ownership and hardworking people.

Maybe it’s an employee that’s causing headache, or a change in the market. Or maybe you just need to reconfigure your brand or adjust your brand’s voice a little bit. Maybe, you are starting out as an entrepreneur and you need some advice and a visual identity.

I will say now that, if your end goal is to get rich, you miss the point of creating a brand and growing a business. I will not waste my time talking you through ego and how people respond to that.

Genuinely caring about a bigger thing than ourselves and others moves mountains, that’s riches for you.

My mission is to craft delightful brand experiences for people with a creative mind and willingness to win. If you are willing to work hard, put in the hours and deliver value to your market, you are a perfect fit.

By uniting Design and Business, I give you a whole new ground for innovation. I want you to bring success to the world more than you want it yourself. There’s uniqueness on the process of creating a brand when you love both Desige and Business. There is a much deeper understanding of how systems work.

I absolute love to stretch people’s mind: motivation comes from doing, but sometimes you need someone to tell you that you are not crazy when you want to rule your own life and make an awesome, new thing. As long as there is discipline, the world can be a place where people will be able to take hold of their lives by doing what they love to people that really care about it. You are just very special. 😉


I know you are probably lost. What is your next step? What should your brand look and feel like? What values are you bringing to the world? 

An idea is not a product nor a service until it’s done. You cannot overlook the importance of organization, discipline, and planning. There is never too much preparation.

When you achieve your goals is not as important as how you achieve them. You probably want that piece of artwork to sell by itself, or that course on animation to sell out. Did you prepare? Are you marketing it? Are you being patient and at the same time putting in the work?

The real reason you haven’t achieved your goals are:

  1. They are too small and you don’t feel the “power”,
  2. You don’t have goals,
  3. You are not taking action,
  4. You are stuck with details (paralysis by analysis);
  5. You aren’t obsessed enough with them.

How do you overcome these issues? You simply do. There is a powerful problem-solving skill called design thinking. I use it to figure out what the real issue is, and then set goals accordingly. That way, it’s easier to reverse engineer the result. It becomes way more palpable and “realistic”. Then, press the execute button.

I am a brazilian living in Finland. I have wanted to live in this place since I can remember speaking. Finland had a calling to me. I obsessed about the country. I had a clear vision of where to go, I just had to figure out the steps I’d need to take.

Image yourself in the position you want to be with your business and life in 5-10 years. How do you do it?

Assess, learn and execute

First step, evaluate your struggle, if you can’t do it yourself, talk to someone about it. Someone who has enough dettachment regarding your situation so they can’t emotionally affect you by it. Seek honesty. Assessing means that you will find all the strengths and weaknesses. By leveraging your strengths, you become, well, stronger, but more capable and noteworthy. Double down on those. By assessing your weaknesses, you just found out what to fix. If you can’t fix it, forget it.

After you’ve assessed your situation, learn how to fix and how you can get better. Read books, listen to podcasts, talk to leading people on the market and in the world. Find a mentor. Listen and learn.

Then execute. No excuses, just action.

Need a new business plan? Need financial planning? Need branding? Need a new fresh air for your business or innovation? Seek help and execute what you learn.

There will be no progress without execution.

Branding is an investment

Branding is not an expenditure. Branding is an asset, a tool that will increase your revenue, your business’ awareness in the market. 

A great brand can literally change how people perceive you. The words, the colors, the images and even. the smells can change how your brand is received in the market. Therefore, going cheap on branding is never a good idea.

You don’t need an award winning logo from the start, because in fact, there is more to branding than just the logo. You need clarity on your brand, so even without capital, you can agitate the market. Remember, assess, learn, execute. On loop.

An investment is typically something that will give you a return. How would you trust a business with a bad brand? You wouldn’t. Not only it makes you look more professional, it actually builds equity. You are creating history and as a consequence, you sell. And let’s make you sell more.

A brand will increase your sales. People judge products and others within 90s offirst contact. Imagine if yours looked bad. If your website worked funky, how many people closing the tab do you think there’d be? If your product packing looks bad, or the product itself is not functional or appealing to the senses. See where I am going?

Everyone is a brand

You might want to say: “But I am an illustrator! I don’t need a brand!” Or “in the music business, branding is different!” It’s not. 

If you are putting your work out there, you are technically generating a brand without thinking about it — which is a recipe for chaos. A 12 kid who is putting photos on Instagram is creating a brand, without necessarily having a business: she is crafting an image, and a perception of herself. Even if she is hiding a trait or two because it doesn’t fit her audience.

Maybe you are not making sales because you aren’t treating your animation, illustration, photography or music business as a brand, or even as a business.

The foundation to understand your business will be to define your brand as early as possible, and let it evolve and grow. Your only job is to nurture it.


The a-ha moment

The a-ha moment is the fun part. Have you ever walked in the dark, and despite knowing your house, you still sort of missed the door handle? Or you were stroking the wall in an attempt to not hit your face. And then when you find the damn handle, you go “a-ha, there you are!” It takes a special skill to walk in the dark and find the door handle, not everybody has the balance to do it successfully.

If you would apply design thinking in this situation, I’d say that maybe you need a lamp by your door or arm chair so when you have to walk, you turn it on without having to fiddle in the dark for the light switch or the handle itself. Maybe you thought that the problem was the door handle, instead of seeing the problem for what it was: the dark.

The a-ha moment, or the design thinking lifestyle, is the ability of seeing things by another perspective. Macro, not micro. When you detach from a situation and you are able to assess it for what it really is, you eliminate risks and mistakes that could be repetitive. Fix the well, not the tap type of deal. Simplicity is the key.

The Branding Girl

I'm The Branding Girl

My mission is to craft delightful brand experiences for people with a creative mind and willingness to win. By uniting Design and Business, I will stretch your mind and your possibilities.

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